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Follow a step-by-step plan
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Life-changing actionable frameworks
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Benefits proven by scienece

😌 Be more satisfied with your life
Dr. Cecile Cho at the University of California — Riverside found that people with ambitious goals, set in a way described in this plan, tend to be more satisfied than those with lower expectations.
💪 Live a more powerful life
Use one of the most effective psychological interventions. Nearly 100 studies have confirmed that it makes people feel more powerful, proud, and strong. It reduces doctor visits, improves mental health, and helps with weight loss and quitting smoking.
👴 Add more than a decade to your life
The habit building techniques that you'll learn were studied by researchers at Harvard and they found that life expectancy rose for an extra 12 years for men and 14 for women.
😁 Increase your self-contentment
According to a case study by Emily van Sonnenberg, individuals who used the goal tracking method described in your plan were more productive, less bored, and showed signs of higher self-contentment than others.

What you get

28-day plan made for you
Go through the most powerful personal growth concepts that will actually work for you.
16 actionable science-based frameworks
The frameworks will give you more clarity about yourself and the right next steps.
28 days of step-by-step guidance
Expect my email every single day. Go through it when you have time and return to it whenever you feel like it.
62 life changing insights, hacks and tips
Exceptionally effective concepts, all backed by trustworthy science. You'll only wish you knew these earlier.

What they say about us

People often ask

How can I know that this is not a scam?

Unfortunately, the internet is full of people with bad intentions so, by all means, you should be skeptical before making any purchase. So how can you know that this is not a scam? First, you can Google my name "Jani Pravdic" and see that I'm quite a public person. Second, you can read all the reviews on this page. Third, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee and if I don't keep my word, you can report the transaction to your card issuer with only a few clicks... and get your money back either way. But if you are still not sure, drop me an email or send me a private message on social media :)

Why do I need a personal development plan?

Psychologists claim that forming the right habits is essential to reach your goals. In just two clicks you can have your personal life plan which will guide you through the next 28 days to build your life-changing habits. No additional efforts needed!

How long will I wait for my plan?

Your plan will be in your email inbox within 15 minutes after your order placement. In case you haven’t found your plan in your inbox please check Spam or contact us via [email protected]

For how long will I have access to my plan?

There are no deadlines in terms of your access. Even after you finish your 28-days-journey, all the insights, frameworks and courses stay with you forever!
get my plan

How will my plan look like?

The program consists of 4 main parts:
1. Daily emails
You will receive an email from me every single day for the next 28 days.
2. Proven frameworks
Receive proven and tested frameworks to improve specific parts of your life.
3. Action steps
Follow the laid-out action steps to instantly implement the frameworks in your life.
4. Life transformation
You'll see your life transform within days!

Money-Back Guarantee

I am so sure this plan will work for you that I'll return your full investment if you don't absolutely love the plan. Just send me an email within 30 days of purchase.
“My whole life I've been obsessed with figuring out how to live my best life. How to have it all. Now I'm sharing this life-work of mine, hoping it will help YOU to live your life to the fullest.”
Coach & inventor of the plan
“My whole life I've been obsessed with figuring out how to live my best life. How to have it all. Now I'm sharing this life-work of mine, hoping it will help YOU to live your life to the fullest.”
Coach & inventor of the plan
Destiny is in your hands right now.
 What are you going to do?

What’s included

28-day plan made for you
16 actionable science-based frameworks
28 days of step-by-step guidence
62 life changing insights, hacks and tips
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