Hack Self Growth Reviews

Kerry Hession
Loving my 28 day challenge and noticing the difference in my mind set and goal setting already
Simona Sovic
Loved every step of the program! Especially the challenging ones
Cliff Horowitz
The Hack Self Growth program walks you through significant life changes one baby-step at a time, never overwhelming you while setting you up for big results. If I dropped the program halfway through, I'd still have made massive strides. Highly recommended.
Lenart Bobek
Lu La
I'm actually quite surprised so far.... I've been looking for a personal development "service" like this one, where you are given not only efficient tools to work with, but also self-accountable and honest messaging coupled with timed delivery of daily tasks. Really glad with the purchase so far.
Alice Ionescu
Jani's programme has helped me a lot. I have become more conscious and more organized, more determined to follow my dreams.
Mark Drage
Would recommend. Not new tools or new ideas but presented in a different way to keep you engaged on a daily basis.
Thank you. This exercise caused me to think about some things I hadn't thought about in years... WOW!
Hi Jani This is a very good "self-assessment" training also. I have progressed more than in the last 2 years.
I must say I really enjoyed The Wheel of Life exercise!! Once I finished filling it out and went back to the email to see what was next and started answering the questions you had asked it was like a light bulb turning on in my head especially when I wrote out my answer to if my wheel was on my car what would the ride be like which in my case with my wheel being the shape of a fox or mouse I would most likely be experiencing a large amount of shaking and loud bangs my car would most likely drift me to the ditch. Now that I am seeing my wheel of life it's no wonder I am all over the place lol. I am so excited for tomorrow now!! I don't think I have ever been this excited for a program :-) THANK YOU FOR CREATING this 28 day Self Growth!! Thank you so much!!
Amazing Jani, these questions have been so eye-opening for me. The biggest lesson of day 2 for me has been the realisation that I have forgotten all the things from my past that made me happy, the things that make me me. The things I used to love doing that stoked my natural curiosities. For the longest time, I have only been remembering and replaying the worst moments in my life, reliving those traumas and failing to appreciate the good memories, the good games, the good tv shows/movies/cartoons, forgetting my own desires and passions. Doing today's exercise has unearthed so much for me that I forgot about. Thanks a lot. Regards, W.
I think I’m most looking forward to learning better conversational skills. Every one of these lessons is pure GOLD.
Hi Jani, Today's email was fantastic! I haven't had a chance to run through the exercise yet (still in the middle of the workday...), but overloading myself is definitely a sin I routinely commit and a big impediment to getting things done and feeling content. I try to do too much; I try to do it all. And yes, I regularly let others add to my list. I got a good view of that a couple of days ago with a recent exercise, and while it might have been obvious to an outside observer, it was revelatory to me. Paring it down is going to be difficult, but liberating. I feel it already. Looking forward to digging into this one!
Loved this! I feel like I have a system and I’m seeing improvement in all aspects of my life. I want to do this daily and as I did with this, if I skip a day, it’s okay…I’ll just adjust it to my schedule, so long as I keep going, just like I finished this challenge a few days behind, I will get there.
You are doing such a great job! And i'm complementing myself on carrying on because the question "what i am good at" really got me depressed. But then i pushed through, answered all questions and came to my ikigai for today: I am at my best when i am in the stable group of friends i can trust that gives me energy to achieve my goals and become a sustainability advisor. Thanks! I thought i will finish this day crying but instead i see motivation!
Hello, Jani Greetings from Portugal! First of all, I want to thank you for putting yourself out there in the world and creating this opportunity that, at least for me, came as a great blessing, at the right time at the right place. So thank you. No, really. Thank you. This exercise is something I have done various times, but never in this way. I love the way you have organised it and used the wheel chart to illustrate in a dynamic way the various key points in our lives. This organisation and simple logic is perfect for me and I enjoyed doing it. Making tangible goals has always been hard for me, but here we are, making it simple and practical. I'm ready for whatever comes next. With great gratitude, J.
Only two days in, but so far this is proving to be pretty informative and exciting. Honest, fearless introspection... what an amazing tool to prosper. Godspeed, R.
Hello Jani, It has been a great experience this morning. I realized I've been living small which is symbolized by my balanced but very small wheel. To grow my wheel, I need to show up more in every area of my life. This exercise helped me see how to do that and I'm so excited! Cheers to a happy ending after all! Sincerely and with gratitude, D.
HEY JANI! I'm on day 6 and have felt incredible clarity and motivation in my goals. Normally, I feel bogged down by having so many at the same time. The days leading up to now have given me a way to layout and analyze my complexity, while also fine-tuning a realistic route. I felt called to share my SMART goals with you. These are my current goals, that will help me branch into my 2-3, 3-5, 5-10, and lifetime goals, that may just work out. THANK YOU.
Hi Jani, Top 3 goals - Create a blog - Pay off debt - Do 1 fun thing a month Program is awesome and I'm just getting started. Thank you for creating this.
I got a little behind on the days since I got overwhelmingly busy. I felt kind of bad and almost quit but then just decided to make time to finish this challenge. I’ll do day 28 tomorrow. I have recommended this to a few of my friends. I feel like I have clarity on what I want out of life and it seems more realistic to achieve. Part of me still feels like I could do more and I still won’t make progress… the negative self talk stuff that does me no good LoL. All in all this was challenging but very beneficial to me.
Hi Jani. I wanted to take a moment out of my morning to tell you how much I appreciate your hack self growth program. Though I lost track of it for a time, I have picked up again where I left off and it is helping me to refocus, recommit, and take action on getting my daily routine in better shape. I have been investing a lot of time and effort in transforming my life into, well, MY life, rather than continuing to let life live me. The fact that your program was and is there to help me get on course when I stumble is perhaps its greatest value to me and is so because of the value that I have been finding through the lessons you have so thoughtfully laid out.
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